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Decades of experience for best protection

For over 15 years is your expert for smartphone and tablet cases with your logo or in your corporate design. Our premium protective cases are specially designed to meet the needs of corporate customers. helps to protect smartphones and tablets, reduce repair costs as well as increase the visibility of your brand.
Our mission: provides corporate customers worldwide, cell phone and tablet cases with their logo. As a one-stop-shop in this field, our goal is to advise customers quickly, easily and reliably with personal service and thus reliably realize your individual business project.

Our vision:

By manufacturing high-quality cell phone and tablet cases, we pursue the vision of generating measurable economic added value for corporate customers. Our protective cases extend the life of electronic devices and help ensure the continued availability and productivity of employees. At the same time, they protect a company’s assets as well as create a channel to increase brand visibility. Through these aspects, but also through our commitment to protect resources, save emissions and comply with social standards, we take responsibility for our environment and act sustainably in the long term. Our sustainable commitment
Carved in stone: Our values
We act and operate in a world-open, tolerant, inclusive and equal manner. We cultivate respectful, responsible, forward-looking and transparent behavior towards each other and towards customers or partners. We want to use resources of all kinds sensibly and efficiently. This protects our environment and forms the basis for economic success. On this foundation, we want to preserve jobs in the long term or create new ones in the future. We do not work for companies, individuals, associations, institutions and service providers that violate the German Constitution, human rights, the common good and the United Nations Global Compact. Furthermore, we exclude cooperation with right political parties as well as with companies from the tobacco and arms industry. We measure potential cooperation with customers, partners and applicants against these values. history:
February 2006
During his studies to become an industrial engineer, Markus Teufel is founding ‘teutu notebookdesign‘ as a solo enterprise . The first office space of 15 sqm is located in Tuttlingen, the hometown of the founder.
The company is growing steadily. To cope with the growth, we move into larger premises. From here, a professional logistics network can now be established and the shipment of large order quantities can be ensured.
With the invention of the iPad™, the demand for logo branding increases enormously. The focus on personalization of iPad™ and iPhone™ proves to be an important foundation for the further growth process.
Founded the BrandDevil online store to serve low-volume requests from consumer and enterprise customers through an online configurator. The online store also provides connectivity to 40,000 Apple™ hardware and accessory products. After just two years, the store is successfully sold.
November 2012
Demand for personalized Apple™ products is growing rapidly. The goods are now coming into production in batches. To cope with the high volume, we are expanding the office and production and moving into larger premises.
April 2013
Founding of brandolino GmbH, based in Zurich, to develop the Swiss market.
October 2015
Relocation of the headquarters from southern Germany to Berlin. The international flair in the capital gives us a tailwind and we start internationalization. Our production remains in southern Germany to maintain quality and reliability.
October 2016
Opening of our Hong Kong office focusing on product development, quality control and goods purchasing.
After successful expansion in Europe, we venture into America with the founding of Inc. based in California. In parallel, we introduce a B2B reseller program to expand internationally with selected partners.
Opening of a further production site in Shenzhen, China, and increasing automation of all the company’s interfaces with the aim of working together more efficiently and always being able to provide customers with transparent information on their orders.
Cooperation with the 5,000th customer, relocation within Berlin to a new office and reorganization of the sales department.
We remain, but are strategically repositioning ourselves. With a brand re-launch, we are now starting to freshen up our external image and meet the changed needs of B2B decision-makers. More digital. More modern. Clearer.
Founder Markus Teufel sells his company, which he had founded in 2006 during his studies, to the mbw Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH from Wanderup. The company can benefit from the strength of the JCK group and grow further.
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