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Our Mission

Brand.it is an expert in mobile phone and tablet covers for corporate customers. We protect your mobile IT hardware, reduce its total cost of ownership and increase the productivity of your employees. At the same time logo branding increases the visibility of your brand.

Sustainability and environmental protection are important to us. As a manufacturer, we are aware of our responsibility to develop products that last as long as possible and to avoid unnecessary plastic packaging.

We have already been able to convince renowned customers worldwide of our products.

Who we do not work for

We do not work for companies, individuals, associations, organisations, institutions and service providers that violate the German constitution, human rights, the common good or the United Nations Global Compact. Furthermore, we exclude cooperation with the AfD as well as with companies from the tobacco and arms industry.

We are actively committed to avoiding unnecessary plastic waste and to climate protection.


Our CEO Markus Teufel and our head of
production, Mr. Zhou in our factory
in Shenzhen


January 2020

Move to a new, larger office in Berlin Mitte

October 2018

Opening of a further production site in Shenzhen, China.

April 2017

Introduction and roll out of a B2B reseller program to support our international growth with selected partners

January 2017

Moving to Berlin has paid off and we are expanding to the USA. With the establishment of Brand.it Inc. in California we will enter the American market.

October 2016

Opening an office in Hong Kong with focus on product development and sourcing to support or international expansion plan.

October 2015

Moving from the southern part of Germany to Berlin. The international flair of the German capital supports our company plan to expand within Europe. The production stays in the southern part of Germany as quality and reliability are based in that region.

April 2013

Entering the Swiss market with the foundation of Brandolino GmbH at Switzerlands economic center in Zuerich.

November 2012

Driven by huge demands around Apple™ products our production center and logistics had to expand to handle Truckloads of products. Therefore we moved into our new and modern office facilities in Neuhausen, Germany.


Foundation of an online shop to meet requests from smaller business as well as consumers via an online configurator. Furthermore an online shop for Apple™ hardware and Apple™ accessories with more than 40,000 items was affiliated. To keep focused on B2B customers and business the shop was sold in 2013.


With the introduction of Apple's™ iPad™ the demand of logo branding rose. Focussing on this business was the foundation for further growth.


Relocation into larger premises to Neuhausen, Germany. On the former German Army Base location there was enough space for office and production zone, also deliveries on pallets could be handled.

February 2006

The Company was founded by Markus Teufel during his studies as in industrial engineer under the name “teutu notebook design“. It was located in the southern part of Germany in his hometown Tuttlingen with a first small office of 15 sqm.
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