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Custom Tablet Cases With Logo

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The Best Custom Tablet Cases for the Best Employees

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Corporate Tablet Cases With Logo

Our custom tablet cases support you in avoiding expensive tablet repairs and associated downtimes. With an optional logo imprint you increase the brand awareness of your company and at the same time intensify the employer branding. Personalised tablet covers are also perfect as promotional gifts.

Our tablet cases are available for all common tablet models from Apple™ iPad™, Samsung™ Galaxy Tab™ and Huawei™ which we have mostly in stock.

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More than 10 years of experience

State of the art printers

Fast delivery

German Quality standards

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Benefits of custom tablet cases

  • High quality tablet cases that protect your corporate iPads and tablets
  • Excellent print quality of logos and full-size graphics
  • Pantone color matching
  • Wide range of tablet cases for every use case, from more comfort at the office desk to military like outdoor protection
  • Thorough understanding of corporate needs
  • Comprehensive experience based on thousands of orders
  • World-wide delivery
  • Steep bulk discounts

High quality tablet cases

One of the major reasons to invest in protective cases is cost saving and environmental protection by avoiding damage.  It wouldn’t make sense to cut corners by choosing inferior materials, poor architecture, or printing technologies that will not produce long-lasting results. Thus, all products that we offer meet high requirements towards quality, longevity, and environmental friendliness.

Excellent print quality for outstanding custom tablet cases

With more than 15 years in business we know which printing technologies and tablet materials work well with each other. We aim for and deliver both pen-sharp image quality and long-lasting prints. Whether you are looking to use our cases to protect your corporate devices, or wish to distribute them as gifts to valued customers, they will impress without a doubt.

Pantone colour matching for your custom tablet cases

If you use colours of the Pantone palette in your corporate design, we’ll be able to CMYK match them for many of our products. Please add a note to your order or quote request.

Wide range of tablet cases for every use case

We offer cases for almost every setting: From tablet/iPad cases especially developed for the needs of schools and young children, over the perfect work desk case with stand, up to super tough outdoor cases, we’ll be able to provide the right tablet case for your needs.

Thorough understanding of corporate needs

The majority of tablet case suppliers is focusing on end-customers. For custom designs, it’s either ready-made trendy designs, or individual photo prints. Companies have different needs, and we have developed a comprehensive understanding. Our order processing and product quality is tailored exactly to meet your requirements with regards to quality, processing, corporate design matching, quality assurance and delivery.

Comprehensive experience based on thousands of orders

Many hundred companies, from small consultancies to large multi-nationals trust us and are happy with their project. See for yourself:

Tablet cases customer portfolio

Phone cases customer portfolio

World-wide delivery

At we have most items in large quantities in stock. Our inventory and a digitalized supply chain enable us to provide short delivery times of 8 to 15 workdays worldwide only. Our headquarter is based in Germany. Our factory is in China which enables a fast and worldwide delivery by airfreight in several days only. If you have a hard deadline, please inform us and we´ll check if we are able to deliver accordingly.

Steep bulk discounts

While we offer competitive per-unit pricing even for small orders of tablet cases, you can make use of steep bulk discounts when ordering a couple hundred tablet cases or more. Bulk  rules are applied on a per-product-line basis, meaning that you can combine different device models of the same product to a) reach the minimum order quantity,  and b) to benefit from bulk discounts on our custom tablet cases.

Our custom tablet cases serve to better protect tablet PCs, but can also be used to personalise the devices or to carry marketing messages.

Tablet cases for businesses: Protecting tablet PCs from scratches and breakages

iPads and other tablet PCs are popular, but unfortunately also expensive and fragile devices. To avoid unnecessary costs in the long run, special cases are available that can protect the devices from external dirt, water damage or scratches. Tablet cases offer protection against these damages and scratches. Customised for different model sizes, they absorb shocks and protect tablets’ delicate screens from permanent, costly damage. Packed in the custom tablet case, you can safely transport the device in a suitcase or backpack without worrying about damage from other objects. Repairing or replacing an iPad display costs between 200 and 500 euros, depending on the model – costs that you want to avoid at all costs. In the event of damage, a tablet is also unavailable for several days and a replacement device may have to be provided. It is even more annoying if important data is not available during the repair period or, in the worst case, is even completely lost.

Tablets are also increasingly used in schools, and for obvious reasons, special attention must be paid here to avoiding damage to the devices. Particularly in view of the significant share that newly acquired tablet PCs represent in the IT budget of schools, unnecessary costs in the use of tablets in schools must be avoided at all costs.

All these concerns can be significantly reduced with our high quality protective covers at a low cost.

Customize tablet cases with your company logo

In addition to preventive device protection, our custom tablet cases with logo are also suitable for brand communication. Many customers choose to have company logos printed on them. Our modern pixel-perfect printing technologies also offer the possibility of printing large-scale designs and images. Our focus on long-lasting quality of tablet sleeves and printing contributes to the positive brand impression.

Tablet cases with logo as promotional gifts

With their high quality and durability, combined with the extensive customisation options, our tablet sleeves with logo are ideal promotional gifts – ones that your customers will enjoy using for a long time, and will be a lasting reminder of you, the gift giver.

Features of custom tablet cases

If you are looking for tablet cases that will be used by your employees, customers or students for a long time, is the right choice for you. Our products are characterised by a high degree of functionality, discreet colours, a pleasant feel, long-lasting quality and a good price/performance ratio. The razor-sharp printing allows for appealing designs. We can keep delivery times short because we keep large quantities in stock and have a very well-coordinated team working in production and printing. The longevity of the tablet cases not only benefits you, but also the environment – and doubly so, as not only unnecessary multiple purchases of cases are avoided, but also electronic waste.

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