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Our Mission

As a leading, world wide acting, manufacturer of phone and tablet cases we are aware of our responsibility for sustainability. Our products are mainly made of plastic and at the same time they help to avoid broken devices which would cause an even bigger waste impact. Our contribution to make the planet a bit better are the following five:

Biodegradable products

Our oceans are flooded with plastic waste. As our contribution we developed a biodegradable phone case which can be fully composted within 24 months. If this case gets accidentally into the nature it dissolves itself. Ingenious as we find it.

Paper bag

No plastic packaging

In our industry plastic for packaging is the most common material and never questioned at the same time. Does a cable really need single packed in a plastic bag? We say no! We developed our own packaging and every phone and tablet case comes in a single paper bag made of recycled paper.

Double use of packaging

Why can’t cartons be used more than once? Just because they have a few visual defects? We see the valuable resources in each carton and use it several times if possible.

Carbon neutral shipment

As long as we can´t send phone and tablet cases by email we have to ship them. Thanks to UPS carbon neutral we make sure every shipment comes with an minimal impact to the nature.

High quality products

It´s an old truth: If you buy cheap, you buy twice. We make the biggest efforts to sell only high quality products which last as long as the IT device.

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