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As the world’s leading manufacturer of cell phone and tablet cases for corporate customers, is aware of its responsibility for sustainability. Our cell phone and tablet cases are made of robust plastics and are therefore very durable. We are convinced that high quality products can be used for a long time and are therefore already sustainable. In addition, with our high-quality protective cases, we help to extend the lifetime of your electronic companions and avoid unnecessary electronic waste.

Furthermore, we make the following contributions to make our planet a better place:

Compostable cell phone cases

Plastics are both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, they are hardwearing and durable. On the other hand, harmful for the environment for exactly these reasons, because they need hundreds of years to be decomposed by nature.

We also offer a compostable cell phone cover as an alternative to our standard cover. This is made of PBAT bio-plastic and reinforced by bamboo fibers. It can be fully composted within 12 to 24 months through a natural, biological process.

By the way: You can also send your old cell phone cases back to free of charge and we will take care of the professional recycling.

No plastic packaging

In our industry, plastic is the most common material for packaging. Far too rarely is the question asked if and how products can be packaged alternatively.

At our company, products are grouped together in bulk and without individual packaging and shipped to our customers in cartons. If desired, we can also pack each case individually for an additional charge. Of course, we use only packaging made of recycled paper for this purpose.

Use packaging multiple times

We strongly believe that paper-based packaging should be seen as a valuable resource and therefore should be reused several times.

You do not use cardboard boxes just because they have visual defects? That’s crazy! It’s the inner values – namely the delivered product – that counts! So be happy if you get a carton that has a few scratches. This means that it has protected your product. In return, give it a second, third or even fourth use before you recycle it.

High product quality

It is an old truth: If you buy cheap, you buy twice and thus also cause double CO2 emissions for the production as well as the transport. Our claim is to deliver above-average product quality and thus ensure a long service life of our protective covers.

So, on the one hand we can be sure that you will be satisfied with our products without any restrictions. Complaints or replacement products can thus be avoided. On the other hand, with high-quality products, we help to ensure that cell phones and tablets are ideally protected from bumps, when dropped or other influences.

Better protection means less damage, longer life-time and less electronic waste.

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