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Phone cases with company logo

brand design iPhone case for F&B brand Haribo
phone case with custom design for F&B brand Nutella
custom logo iPhone case for consumer brand Vita Cola
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The best phone cases for the best companies

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Which possibilities are there?

You can choose from 3 different kinds of personalization:

Logo Print

max. 1/3 of area
The back of your phone case will be partially customized with your logo.
a phone case with full-size corporate design print

Photo Print

full-size print
The complete back area of your phone case will be customized with photos and vector graphics.

Pantone™ Color

from 500 pieces
The complete phone case will be produced in your Pantone™ color.

Do you have phone cases for our phone model?

We sell and customize phone cases for all common models of these brands. Other models upon inquiry (MOQ 500 pcs.)

How long does it take?

Delivery times vary depending on product, stock status, and personalization

Cases without logo

3-5 work days

Cases with logo print

10-15 work days

Custom production

35-40 work days

How much does it cost?

the larger your total order quantity, the lower the per unit price
example calculation using “Monkey Soft Slim TPU case”
a phone case with a company logo
3.50 € / pc.*
1,000 pieces
TPU silicone case
with logo print
a phone case with our customer's logo Sika
6.70 € / pc.*
250 pieces
TPU silicone case
with logo print
a phone case with our customer's logo Zuerich Airport
12.40 € / pc.*
50 pieces
TPU silicone case
with full-size print
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* plus 49€ setup costs per motif and per model. Excl. shipping costs. All prices are net, excl. VAT. Ask for our discounts for resellers.

What’s the minimum order quantity?

without logo print from 5 pieces
Shop for phone cases without logo
with logo print from 25 pieces
Quotation for customized phone cases

Matching accessories for our phone cases

Protective panzerglass for smartphones

Screen protector

3D armored glass for mobile phones Check out 3D screen protection
Display Screen protection glass 2.5D for phones

Screen protector

2.5D armored glass for mobile phones Check out 2.5D screen protection
Display Screen protection glass 2.5D for phones

Screen protector

3D armored glass for mobile phones Check out 3D screen protection
Display Screen protection glass 2.5D for phones

Screen protector

3D armored glass for mobile phones Check out 3D screen protection

In best company

From A to Z. From large to small. From Fortune500 to start-up. We have brought to life over 5,000 customer projects. What are you waiting for?

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Our customized phone cases primarily fulfill a protective function, but can also be used for device personalization or as a carrier for marketing messages. phone cases for businesses: Protecting smartphones from scratches and breakages

iPhones and other smartphones are sensitive devices that should be protected from external influences such as dirt, water and scratches with special cases. Our phone cases offer protection against these damages and scratches. Custom-made, with perfect fit and shock-absorbing features, these cases protect the sensitive screens of mobile phones and other internal parts from permanent, costly damage. Packed in a high quality phone case, you can safely transport a smartphone in your pocket or a bag without fear of damage from other objects. In private as well as in business use, damage to mobile phones will negatively affect day-to-day routines and must be avoided. Repairing or replacing the display can quickly cost 150 Euro or more. In addition, and often the costliest aspect, will be that the mobile phone will not be available you or your employee for several days, and a replacement device is needed. It is also possible that important data will not be accessible during the repair period or, in the worst case of certain damages, may even be completely lost. All this can be avoided with our high quality protective cases at low cost.

Phone cases customized with your company logo

In addition to preventive device protection, our custom phone cases with branding are ideally suited to play a supporting role in the marketing and communication mix of your business. Many of our customers choose to print their company logo to strengthen employee identification, but also as an outward-facing marketing message. Likewise, our modern state-of-the-art printing technologies offer the possibility to print crisp, large-scale designs and images that impress. Our focus on the high quality of our phone cases and durable printing contributes to the positive image of your message and brand.

Wholesale custom phone cases by

Our product portfolio, production process, and our vast experience in B2B customer service makes us the perfect partner for resellers and retailers. We have many long-lasting partnerships with promotional product suppliers, IT service providers,  marketing agencies, and network carriers for wholesale phone case printing. Whether you have a custom design that you want to distribute to individual end customers, or if you need a phone case manufacturer providing you with high quality custom cases for your corporate client, we got your back. Especially for large orders we are able to offer significant discounts and competitive pricing that leaves you with an attractive price margin. You can find price tables on each product’s page. Simply provide your email address when visiting a product page to activate reseller pricing for our phone cases. Our price structure is further based on order quantity per product family, e.g. if you order 250 Black Series cases for the iPhone 13, and 250 cases for the iPhone 12, the 500+ unit price will apply. Last but not least, when you join our reseller program and submit a customer protection form, we make sure that every customer that you have made familiar with the product portfolio will remain your’s. Should they ever, for any reason, contact us directly, we’ll make sure to attribute him to your reseller account.

Phone case printing technologies

To meet our customers’s needs, we have a variety of phone cases supporting different personalization technologies:
  • Our soft TPU phone cases, such as the Black Series, Monkey, and Parrot models, as well as the Flamingo wallet phone case made from vegan leather can be customized by UV printing. Our UV printers operate based on the CMYK color palette. Beautiful, colorful designs and company logos are possible. The print is sharp and a graphic’s details will be very clear.
  • Our eco-friendly Turtle phone case can be customized by UV printing too, but the recommended method is laser engraving. Laser engraving on the Turtle’s bamboo-fiber case is very durable and eco-friendly too.
  • The heavy-duty Elephant phone case series can be personalized by application of a bumper sticker carrying your company logo.
  • Last but not least, our two Infinity phone cases (Tough and Hard) are ready for 3d sublimation print. While not as sharp as UV print, this is the recommended method when you need your graphics printed from edge to edge and around, or wish to have a phone case in your corporate colors.

Features of phone cases

If you are looking for custom phone cases that your employees or customers will enjoy using for a long time,’s product portfolio fits very well with this need. Our products are characterized by a high level of functionality, discreet colors, a pleasant feel, long-lasting quality, and a great price to performance ratio. The razor-sharp printing allows for appealing designs. We can keep delivery times short because we keep large quantities in stock and have a well-coordinated team working in production and printing. The durability of our custom phone cases not only benefits you, but also the environment – and doubly so, as not only unnecessary multiple purchases of cases are avoided, but electronic waste as well.

Customized phone cases as promotional gifts

With their high quality and durability, combined with the extensive customization options, our phone cases make ideal promotional gifts – ones that your customers will enjoy using for a long time, and will be a lasting reminder of you, the giver. Smartphones are used for hours every day, and are taken to virtually every activity. On these occasions, other people will also see the phone cases with your company logo or message.
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