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Tablet cases: The best protection for your corporate devices and corporate image.

In today’s world, tablets have become an indispensable part of everyday business life. Whether for presentations, meetings or as a work device, they facilitate many procedures and optimize work processes. However, their use is also accompanied by the risk of damage to the devices. Tablet cases offer a suitable solution for this, protecting the tablet from scratches, bumps or other damage. The aim of this article is to highlight the use of tablet sleeves from a company perspective. It will look at the different functions of tablet cases and their importance for tablet ergonomics and design. It will also look at how companies can benefit from the use of tablet sleeves by protecting their devices while improving their image through corporate design. In addition, the selection of tablet sleeves, their costs and benefits will be addressed. Best practices for the use of tablet sleeves are also presented.

Functions of tablet cases

Tablet sleeves have several functions that help optimize the use of tablets in everyday professional life. The most important functions of tablet cases are:
  1. Tablet protection: tablet sleeves provide protection from bumps, scratches, and other damage that can result from transporting or using the tablet. Using a tablet case reduces the risk of damage and increases the life of the tablet.
  2. Ergonomics: Many tablet cases are ergonomically designed and make it easier to handle the tablet. Non-slip surfaces or carrying handles make holding the tablet more comfortable and secure. An integrated stand function can also help ensure that the tablet is set up in the right position, for example, for presentations or video conferences.
  3. Design and individualization: tablet cases can also help to enhance and individualize the design of the tablet. Companies can, for example, reflect their corporate identity through the design of the tablet sleeves and thus create a uniform appearance. The option of placing the employee’s or department’s name on the sleeve also contributes to personalization and makes it easier to assign the devices.

Use of tablet cases from the company point of view

The use of tablet sleeves from a corporate point of view is of great importance, as they help to protect company devices and improve the company’s image. The main benefits of using tablet sleeves from a corporate perspective are:
  1. Protection of company devices: By using tablet sleeves, companies can effectively protect their corporate devices. Especially in work environments where tablets need to be transported frequently, damage can occur quickly. By using tablet sleeves, companies can save on repair and replacement costs and extend the life of the devices.
  2. Improved perception through corporate design: Using tablet sleeves with the company’s own design can help to strengthen the company’s image. By giving the devices a uniform appearance, the company’s corporate design is also visible in the use of the tablets. This can leave a professional impression on customers and business partners.
  3. Personalization and individualization: tablet cases also offer the possibility to individualize and personalize the devices. For example, companies can place the name of the employee or department on the sleeve to make it easier to assign the devices. This creates a personal atmosphere and increases employee satisfaction.

Choice of tablet sleeves

When selecting tablet sleeves, there are several factors to consider to ensure optimal protection and functionality. The most important factors are:
  1. Materials: tablet sleeves are available in a variety of materials, such as plastic, leather or fabric. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of protection, handling and design. Depending on the intended use and aesthetic requirements, companies should choose the appropriate material for their tablet cases.
  2. Size and fit: A tablet case should always be chosen to fit the device exactly. Cases that are too large or too small do not offer sufficient protection and can also be unwieldy. It is therefore important to determine the exact size of the tablet and select the appropriate sleeve.
  3. Additional functions: Many tablet cases offer additional features that make the device easier to handle or increase convenience. These include, for example, carrying handles, stand functions or additional compartments for accessories. Companies should select the right tablet case with the required additional functions depending on the intended use and individual requirements.

Costs and benefits of tablet sleeves

The use of tablet sleeves represents an investment in the protection of company devices. Companies should weigh the cost of purchasing the sleeves against the potential benefits. The most important factors are:
  1. Long-term savings by avoiding repair costs: by using tablet sleeves, companies can save on repair and replacement costs that result from damage to devices. A well-chosen tablet sleeve can help extend the life of devices and reduce maintenance and repair expenses.
  2. Increase employee satisfaction and motivation: using tablet cases with corporate design or personalization options can help increase employee satisfaction and motivation. Employees who work with individually designed company devices can identify more strongly with the company and become more engaged.
  3. Image gain through uniform appearance: By using tablet cases with corporate design, companies can also strengthen their image and make a professional impression on customers and business partners. A uniform appearance of the company devices can help to make the corporate design of the company visible in the use of the tablets as well.
Overall, companies should consider the cost of purchasing tablet cases as an investment in the protection of their devices and the image of their company. Using high-quality sleeves can result in long-term savings and increase employee satisfaction.

Best Practices

In order for companies to get the most out of using tablet sleeves, they should follow some best practices. The key recommendations are:
  1. Recommendations for selecting tablet sleeves: When selecting tablet sleeves, companies should ensure that they are a snug fit for the devices and are made of durable materials. Depending on the intended use, additional functions such as carrying handles or stand functions may also be useful. It is advisable to choose cases from reputable manufacturers and, if necessary, to seek advice from an expert.
  2. Implementation of corporate design and personalization: To strengthen the company’s corporate design, tablet cases should be designed in the company’s uniform look. Colors, logos or lettering can be used. Personalizing the sleeves with employee names or functions can also help strengthen employee identification with the company.
  3. Training employees on how to use tablet sleeves: In order for the sleeves to provide their full protective effect, it is important that employees know how to properly insert and handle the devices in the sleeves. Companies should therefore offer training or provide handling instructions.
By following these best practices, companies can ensure that the use of tablet sleeves provides the desired benefits and that the devices and the company’s image are optimally protected.


In summary, the use of tablet sleeves offers numerous benefits for businesses. In addition to protecting the devices from damage and enhancing the image through corporate design and personalization, they also help to increase employee satisfaction and motivation. By selecting suitable cases and training employees to handle them correctly, companies can also achieve long-term savings by avoiding repair costs. In the future, it can be assumed that the importance of tablet sleeves in the professional environment will continue to increase. In particular, the integration of technical innovations such as wireless charging or biometric security features is likely to play a role. Companies should therefore already make sure to focus on future-oriented technologies when selecting tablet cases and keep an eye on the constant further development of best practices.
Date: 21 February 2023
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