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Biodegradable Phone Cases

What are biodegradable phone cases?

Simple: Biodegradable phone cases degrade naturally instead of polluting our environment.

So far, cell phone cases are made of plastic. Plastics such as TPU or PC offer many positive attitudes such as high resistance, high flexibility and a long durability. However, this durability is a problem when the cell phone case has reached the end of its life. Plastic needs about 50 years until it is completely rotten.

Recently, plastics can also be made from the material PLA (polylactide). This material is made from sugar and has the positive property that it can be fully composted within 18 to 24 months in an industrial composting plant.

Biodegradable Phone Cases by
biodegradable phone case - composted in 18-24 months

Our biodegradable phone case

Wouldn’t it be great if an everyday product vanished into thin air after use? Okay, we can’t dissolve into thin air. But we can turn a phone cover into earth. Our fully biodegradable phone cases of the “Turtle” product line are made of compostable plastic PLA and are reinforced by adding bamboo fibers. This allows this cell phone case to be fully composted within 18 to 24 months.

Sustainable packaging

Sustainability does not only include the product. At, we also make sure that our phone cases are packaged sustainably. Instead of the plastic polybags that are common in our industry, we use paper bags that we have developed ourselves. To avoid unnecessary packaging waste, our cases are delivered in bulk as standard. The environmentally friendly paper bag is optional and available for an additional charge.

sustainable paper packaging for phone cases

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Biodegradable phone cases, also called phone covers, primarily fulfill a protective function and at the same time they protect the environment.

Biodegradable mobile phone cases: Protecting smartphones and protecting the environment

A cell phone case is necessary to protect the expensive smartphone from scratches and damage. Thus, a cell phone cover not only saves costs but also conserves resources because devices are used longer and the need for spare parts is reduced.

However, cell phone cases have been made entirely of plastic until now. This fact brings with it the problem that cell phone cases are disposed of in the normal trash at the end of their life. Plastic products take about 50 years to fully decompose.

Due to this fact, the question of a biodegradable cell phone case has arisen more and more in recent years. Compostable cell phone cases are a good alternative to the conventional plastic cell phone cases which are mostly made of TPU, silicone or PC plastic. However, the new cell phone cases made of compostable PLA plastic do not yet come close to the material properties of conventional plastics. But the development is progressing every year and will improve the material properties of sustainable plastics.

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