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What are important features of corporate tablet and phone cases?

Good phone and tablet cases should have a number of features to protect the device and meet user needs. Here are some of the most important features that make a good device case:
  1. Ruggedness: a good case should be sturdy enough to protect the phone or tablet from bumps, scratches and other damage.
  2. Perfect fit: a good protective case should fit perfectly around the tablet or phone so that it is secure and tight and cannot slip out.
  3. Access to buttons and ports: A good case should also allow access to buttons and ports so that the device can be operated easily.
  4. Design: a good device case should enhance the look of the device and match the owner’s preferences and style.
  5. Environmentally friendly: A great phone case also does not contribute to your personal ecological footprint. The perfect cell phone case even makes an active contribution to environmental protection 😉

Ruggedness of the protective cases

All our protective cases for tablets and phones have a good protective function – however, the degree of robustness varies depending on the case model. Cell phones in office use require less protection than those used on construction sites, for example. Depending on the requirement profile, our tablet and phone cases are constructed differently:
  1. Robust materials: our cases are made of distinctive materials, e.g. soft silicone, hard plastic, TPU leather, or a mix of these materials.
  2. Protective corners: Protective corners or bumpers on the corners of a case help to better absorb shocks and drops, preventing damage to the device.
  3. Multi-layer construction: For devices with a high demand profile, we use multi-layer constructions to achieve optimal protection.

Accurate fit of Cases

The correct size of phone and tablet cases is very important. A snug-fitting case ensures that the device sits securely and firmly in the case and cannot slip out. It also provides protection for the tablet/phone by covering the edges and corners, preventing it from being damaged in case of bumps or drops. A case that is not a snug fit can cause the tablet to slide out or be loose in the case, which can cause damage to the device. It is therefore important that the tablet case fits perfectly. Our cases fit precisely for the models specified on the product pages.

Access to buttons and sockets

Good access to buttons and ports is important for the protective case, as it allows the user to still operate the device easily and comfortably. If the buttons and ports are not easily accessible, it can make the phone/tablet harder to use and possibly even cause damage. It is important that the case allows access to all important buttons and ports such as the volume control, power button and charging port. Access to cameras and speakers should also not be restricted. All these requirements have been taken into account in the design of our protective cases. For tablets and iPads we also offer models with pen holder.

Tablet and cell phone cases design

The design of your phone or tablet cases is an important element. An appealing design can help the user identify with the protective cover and enjoy using it. There are many different ways you can design the cases. Some ideas are:
  1. Use your company logo: The company logo is an important element to represent your brand. You can place the logo on the cover to showcase the brand and visually enhance it.
  2. Use corporate identity: consider the corporate identity of the company by using colors and designs that match the corporate design of the company.
  3. Use slogans or quotes: You can also use slogans or quotes that match the brand or company philosophy.
Overall, there are many ways you can design cell phone and tablet cases for a company to represent the brand and visually enhance the case. Depending on the cover, different printing techniques are available.

Environmental friendliness

Environmental protection is very important to us, and although phone and tablet cases are mostly plastic products, we make it a point to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible, and also to help our customers do so. On the one hand, our protective cases help prevent electronic waste by helping devices last longer. On the other hand, we have an eco-friendly cell phone case that even goes the next step. Our Turtle phone cases help the environment as follows:
  1. They reduce waste: By using cell phone cases throughout the company, phones are better protected from damage, reducing the need for frequent phone replacements, which in turn helps reduce waste.
  2. They are made from environmentally friendly materials: We use environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled plastic or biodegradable materials, in the production of Turtle cases. When you choose a Turtle phone bag, you help reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.
  3. They have an existing recycling path: Turtle phone cases can be fully recycled at the end of their life, so their choice helps reduce waste and conserve resources.
Date: 5 December 2022
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